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Air to Air

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‘There’s a Spitfire hanging off our wing tip, its propeller practically chewing off the end of my lens. The roar of the mighty Merlin is resonating through my gut like a power drill and the slipstream from the open door is beating up what’s left of me. I wait patiently for the stars to align. Sunlight begins to dance off the virtuous form of the Spitfire and without warning the ground plummets away in a vertigo inducing display of beauty to reveal a backdrop of crisp white cliffs set against an azure blue sea. Click. Mission accomplished. The shot is in the can. I remember to start breathing again.’

The words of John Dibbs – arguably the leading aviation photographer of his generation. Hugely influential, his award-winning work is immediately recognised for its composition, quality and dynamism.

As they say, every picture tells a story and John’s portfolio is a story greater than most. ‘Air-to-Air’ is a 116-page bookazine bringing you the ‘story behind the picture’.  We are used to seeing the serene images in all their majestic glory, but what goes on behind the scenes is a very different story. For the first time, readers gain behind the scenes insight into the fascinating tales and technical details behind each awe-inspiring image.

From warbirds and airliners, to cutting edge military fast jets – see the world’s most iconic aircraft photography like never before!